Press & Testimonials

Here's some positive feedback from our trusty fans on Facebook.

"You guys were great! Thank you for honoring my request Saturday night of "You're still a Young Man". If you live in the bay area, go see these guys!"-Marianne

"Thank You sooo much for the show in P-town! Many of your tunes brought tears to my eyes and then a huge smile to my face! BIG bad brass, kickin' keyboards, great guitars and a d...d...d...hmm, well a really devine drummer too!!!" -Eddie

"Crazy fun time in Capitola on Sunday! Loved hear you play and seeing everyone dancing! However, the little boy doing the air guitar bested you all! Good time had by all!"-Tina

"Will never forget 4th of July and Pretty woman... Big fan proudly wearing my Houserockers t-shirt."-Linda