The Band

Joe "BAM!" Rizzi, Drums, Vocals

The backbeat for the Houserockers is provided by Bay Area veteran drummer Joe "BAM!" Rizzi. Long before Food TV icon Emeril Lagassi popularized the term BAM this BAM! has been "kicking it up a notch" of his own, rockin' dance audiences for three decades. BAM! provided the backbeat as an original member of one of the Bay Area's most popular 70's dance bands Ivory Tower. BAM's solid in-the pocket style is directly influenced by what he describes as the Three Tenors of Rock n' Roll drumming; Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr and Max Weinberg, the supreme kings of the backbeat. Bam's solid drum style provides dancers the groove they need to tear up the dance floor as they sway and stomp to The Houserocker's infectious groove oriented repertoire. When BAM! isn't heating up his drum kit on stage, he is firing up the stove as a Personal Home Chef ( for busy families on the run, "good food, good friends and good music all groove together! Mangia Bene! Eat Well!